Women ministers, including my friend of almost 60 years,
Carolyn [Staley], have enriched my life and the lives of countless others

I hope their stories will encourage others who feel the call to follow it with humility, peace, and love.

—Former President Bill Clinton

For a fresh breath of Spirit Wind, read and be inspired by these stories told by Baptist women called to ministry.

Inside the pages of this book, When God Whispered My Name, you will hear Holy Whispers as each woman tells her deeply-felt story. You will hear about disappointment and celebration, tears and laughter, sorrow and new hope.

In these stories of call to ministry, each woman describes both her call and her ministry journey, showing you sacred places along the way.

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This beautifully diverse, soul-disclosing collection of call stories captures the breadth of experiences embodied by women in ministry among Baptists. From Arkansas to Cuba, from Georgia to Uganda, what a gift to be invited into the heart journeys of nineteen women who persevered in order to respond to God’s call. For anyone who may be curious about the inspiring, heart-breaking, brave, and faithful inner workings of the journey for Baptist women in ministry, this book is for you.

—Meredith Stone Executive Director Baptist Women in Ministry Abilene, Texas

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